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Viale Alcione


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apartament in villa with 2 gardens one on east and the other on west where is possible to have sun or shade alternately throughout the day. The apartment is on 3 floors with 3 bedrooms at the top, a living room in the middle and a kitchen and dining area at the ground floor. In the third floor there are 3 rooms: one with private bath is with a double bed, the second is with a bunk bed, the therd with a double bed and a single one. in the floor there is a bath. In the second floor there is a living room with old piano, a little area with sink and a little bath. On the ground floor there is the kitchen, a bath and an area for dining with hearth in this floor is possible to have and use other 3 beds bed armchair. The house is directly on the beach and in the moorning the sun of dawn enters the windows to the east. the read colors of the sun rise mirror in the sea and reflect in the house. pets are not allowed inside the house but only in the gardens.
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