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Doamnei, University And Doamne




This is NOT a Sublet.

1 year lease & credit check

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Immobil4u Real Estate Ltd. has been built on the principles of honesty, integrity and value for home and regardless of their race, color or ethic origin. The who set the foundation pieces for Immobil4u Real Estate Ltd. created a legacy within the Real Estate community dating back years. Today, Immobil4u Real Estate Ltd. is more like a. As Immobil4u Real Estate Ltd. has grown, it has stayed true to the character of its founders, maintained its dedication to superior customer service, and continued to update its state-of-the-art marketing and technological resources. Our firm and its Real Estate professionals have grown along with the communities they serve. Most of Immobil4u Real Estate associates have been raised or live in their local market area. They have an intimate knowledge of the character of each local community, its schools, recreational facilities, shopping opportunities and transportation. This community background, combined with the skills of highly trained professionals, make the associates of Immobil4u Real Estate Ltd. ready to satisfy the particular need of their clients and meet the unique challenges a encounters when selecting a home. Additionally, we have closed partnerships with many of the leading industry estates who are setting the strategy for industry standards, ensuring that we are always able to best advise you on the right framework for your investments. Immobil4u Real Estate Ltd., Global Property SL and many other companies strategic collaboration and partnership are currently responsible to promote standards-based approaches to property investments through affiliations and to the agencies on both sides of west and east Europe. responsible with key industry bodies and leading sector training-providers through Europe, mean we have an increasing global presence in this developing aspect of property investment and management. www.immobil4u.com for more info.
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