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Shimon Hatzaddik


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September 9, Yom Kippur , Succos THRU JANUARY 2014 ARZE HABIRA – suburbs in the city of Jerusalem, gardens, parks and playgrounds. Ground Floor, 4 BEDROOMS off foyer. Sleeps 9. Closets galore 2 BATHS, Central AC and Heat Large Enclosed Patio via double doors from large dining room with table and chairs for twenty plus. . Eat in kitchen- glatt dietary needs with loads of cabinets, two counters, two sinks, two ovens. Across from Ohr Sameach Yesa, Near Mir, Walk to Kotel, Ramat Eshkol, Shmuel Hanavi, Bar Ilan. Buses, Train to all. Markolets. Excellent shopping.
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