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St. Anns Rd., St. Anns Ave


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Beautiful Colonial Architecture in a quiet neighbourhood, on the main road in St.Anns. This house is a perfect get-away for you and your or just you and your friends. The house is split to provide comfort for just the two of you or for a large group. There is a one bedroom loft that is fully -furnished with kitchenette or a fully functional house with all the amenities to provide a home away from home feel, with a large living room, an elegant dining room and a fully functional kitchen with all modern conveniences. With a vegetable mart steps away to a high-end grocery store mere minutes away on foot. The gorgeous botanical gardens 5 minutes away to the back of the property and the Savannah kite flying, leisure walking, street food: snowcones, coconuts, poulorie about 20mins walking distance. Taking in a cultural performance at The theatre Queens Hall again 15 mins walking distance. Being in the city makes getting to and from nightclubs easy cardriver recomm.
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