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York Ave, E 74th St




This is NOT a Sublet.

1 year lease & credit check

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The private bedroom style Apartments are situated in a 5 story walk-up building located on York Avenue,between 73rd and 74th Streets.This area is extremely desirable and sought after by easy going New Yorkers.The party scene and atmosphere is never-ending.s,easy going responsibles HANG-OUTand congregate in and in front of hip and trendy bars,clubs and restaurants that are the hallmark of this area frequented by easy going responsibles.This facility is designed for responsibles onlyCHECK-IN TIME IS 3:00PM CHECK-OUT TIME IS 12:00NOON AT OTHER TIMES PLEASE CALL AND THE PERSON ON-DUTY WILL MAKE ARRANGEMENTS TO GUIDE YOU TO YOUR ROOM. OR RING UNIT 2A AT 1374 YORK AVENUE.THE ON DUTY SECURITY GUARD WILL ASSIST YOU. Our prices do not include tax.New York City Taxes are 16.875%9.875 state tax,7%city tax THIS TAX INCLUDES 2.00 state tax and $1.50 city tax per room per day. Taxes will be added
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