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Via Matteotti 16, Via Mordani


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Welcome to Dreams & Breakfast Ravenna! These warm and homely accommodations are really perfectly located in the historical centre of Ravenna. In Via MatteottiVia Mordani, ancient roads and part of the most important shopping area, you find your apartment. You sleep in a beautiful early 18th century building! You are just a few minutes away from all the monuments that the historical city centre of Ravenna offers; the beautiful and most important square Piazza del Popolo, the tomb of Dante Alighieri and of course the Unesco monuments like the Basilica of St. Vitale, the Mausoleum of Galla Placidia and 6 other Unesco monuments. If you want to make a nice tour throught the city, or you want to explore more in the area, Dreams & Breakfast Ravenna can provide that for you. We know several nice tour guides, well educated, professional and who speak different languages. By car, bike, on a boat or just by walking! We want you to feel at home, away from home! Greetings, Karlien
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