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S Cristoforo Colombo, E Tito O


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2 bedrooms, one with a double bed, the other one with 2 single beds, divided by a full furnished bathroom is also available a 2nd bathroom in one of the most beautiful location in Rome. The apartment is situated 100mt from the beginning of Appia Antica, surrounded by trees and gardens, at 10 min walking from Terme di Caracalla, at 10min bus from the center of Rome, at 200mt from the Catacombs of Callisto and Domitilla, 15min by bus from Termini railway station, 20min by car and 40min by train from Fiumicino international airport. Dogs and pets are fully allowed dogs large equipped space is available at 100mt, dogsitting service on request and at a low price. Common use of a full furnished kitchen oven, blender, freezer, refrigerator,dishwashing, washingmachine, etc., and of a large living room. The 2 bedrooms are completed by 2 balconies to enjoy breakfast or else. Enjoy your cation in Rome!!
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