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Owner, Central FL
Member Since May 2007
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While this rental did not fit my budget, Trish was quick to reply to my questions. She is truly above-board and professional.

1/24/2016 7:03:10 PM
I have to share because of the best experience Ive had in renting to date. Ms. Trish was friendly and accommodating at every level she said the it was clean and it was. The furniture provided was also clean and comfortable. All appliances in good working condition and this includes washer and dryer. Just think people should know. Hopefully my family and I will visit again next year and be lucky enough to rent again from Ms. Trish

We needed a place to recover from a transplant near the hospital. Trish was very wonderful to us, her duplex was conveniently located, nicely furnished, and the neighbors were great. Trish went above and beyond to accommodate our needs, she has a kind spirit and I hope to see her again!!!! Karen and Bob

I am a contractor and needed two furnished rentals near Orlando. After talking to Trish I was convenienced I found what I was looking for. It worked out very well. The units were clean, fully equipped, large and workable and well priced.

Trish was honest and prompt to respond to our needs. Enjoyed renting from her and would do so again.

The unit was immaculate and very nicely decorated. The outside Trish does also and maintains herself and keeps up with everything. I found her to be very understanding, honest, and trustworthy. Anyone could email me to get further info. Thanks again, Trish, Ill BE BACK!

Trish has been fast to respond, available, extremely courteous, honest, and her units are extremely well furnished with everything clean, modern, and decorative. I give her a A+, thank you.